Sat. > June 25 > 1-6 P.M.

LiverNOISe is back 

We’re here to knock your socks off again and we’re committed to making this an annual experience. It’s a totally free event driven by our passion to perform and bring music in a family-friendly atmosphere to the streets of our neighborhood. Not to mention, it’s for a good cause, too.  We’ll have donation buckets at each home to raise money for Focus Hope or a similar organization this year.

Band Times announced! Be sure to Check BACK FOR UPDATES.

780 W. Withington

724 W. Withington

3pm – Rainbow Room

4:45PM – Eugene Strobe

594 W. Withington

1:35PM – Miss Danielle’s Gro-town 

3:20PM – David Bierman Overdrive 

5:05PM – Nick Piunti & The Complicated Men

595 w. Breckenridge

1:35PM – Joe Jaber

3:20PM – Ryan Allen

5:05PM – Petals of Power

619 W. Breckenridge

2:10pm – The Fruits

3:55PM – Remnose

5:40PM – Popular Creeps

620 w. Breckenridge

1PM – The Heavy Dose  

3:20PM – 1/2 Ton Trolley

5:05PM – The Antibuddies

715 W. Breckenridge

1:30PM – John Holk & the SequinS


5:30PM – The Crash Quartet

605 w. Cambourne

1:45pm – Ryan Dillaha & Vern David

3pm – Courtney Hurley & Mike Galbraith

4:30PM – Honey and Buffalo

Band and Porch Map